2011 Week 26

Hey gang, 

I've got another page ready for you. Week 26 opens up with week 27, so in this video I talk a bit about working with two side by side, so you make sure you get a good balance of color and old between the spread. 

What tips do you have when working on a spread? Do you complete both at once? Do you keep the page in view? Or do you let the page you are working on speak for itself? :D

Until next Thursday, 


How To Keep Current When Working In The Past

Hey gang. 

Today I wanted to take a break from pages and show you a small peek into some of my process. Working behind is the only way I could see doing this. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself if I'm ever "caught up" But sometimes there may be things I want to remember that I worry about forgetting down the road. So I've started journaling. It's an evolving process but I found one thing I wanted to share. 

I sat down with my journal, a cup of coffee, and some stamps from the On Cheery Street kit, Reflections. Sometimes I get so stuck with prompts or what to write about or "my everyday life is so boring, what would i possibly want to remember?" Well, after thinking about it, a lot. Who I am. This changes at least every yeah. I gain a number on the age train. But I realized there is so much more to who I am today vs who I was last year. Excited about. That's ever changing too. Each day/week I've got something to be excited about. Worried I'm. I found a lot that I realized I was worried about. I hope it doesn't stay that way for long. Ready to. Well my ready to is still the same, but after my friends have their baby it won't be. You can see these really stir up a little bit of reflection. I'm really digging the idea of having a snapshot to revisit when it's time to scrap 2014. Bellow I've put together a little video taking about how I went through everything. 

But what about you? Are you able to stay caught up or do you work behind? What do you do to remember the finer details?

Until Thursday. 😊 Heather.