2011 Week 35

Hey gang! Eek. I'm super excited about today's page. (Sorry it's a day late, last minute trip and needed to move a few things around) But, this page uses the new Sweet Stamp Shop On Cherry Street Kit, Day to Day. Want to hear the coolest part about it? I helped design it! :D Yup. I chatted with Nicole and in no time at all, the kit came to be. It's pretty neat to see our cards come together and make such a fun kit for documenting moving or day to day activities. 

The second coolest thing? I've got a coupon for free shipping with any kit purchase! So if you're planning on picking up Day to Day (or any other kits or stamps) use the coupon code: FREEHJ don't wait! This coupon is good for today only. 

Before you rush over to grab your own, here is a deeper look into some of the cards included and a touch of pocket page inspiration. 2011 Week 35 documents the week I moved into my apartment in New York, but I'll be back soon with some other pages showing how to use the other sweet cards soon. 

Until next time, Heather. 



2011 Week 26

Hey gang, 

I've got another page ready for you. Week 26 opens up with week 27, so in this video I talk a bit about working with two side by side, so you make sure you get a good balance of color and old between the spread. 

What tips do you have when working on a spread? Do you complete both at once? Do you keep the page in view? Or do you let the page you are working on speak for itself? :D

Until next Thursday,